Welcome Volunteers and Potential Volunteers!
This is a great opportunity to connect with some great people (me, at least at first..)
Its all about community and having fun in an organized, well thought out, venue.  If you are interested in being a volunteer for this fundraiser ( I can tell your warming up to the idea) fill out the form below, let me know what your interested in doing from the list I've created, and we will connect soon! 

Thank you so much, we'll have a lot of fun
Tracy Rescigno, Organizer

List of Fun Volunteer Jobs:
(Prior to the Turnin' up the Heat Fundraiser)

Marketing:  press releases, letters to the editor, promotion of the event

  We need a graphic designer, poster & postcard distribution, facebook and twitter site management, someone to gossip about the fundraiser to everyone, and all of you to email your friends,

Volunteer Organizer:  Help organize a fantastic group of volunteers, help create t-shirts, and help me keep my sanity

Refreshment Organizer:  If you love to snack this is perfect for you!  We need snacks and refreshments during our brief intermission.  Go and find those cakes and cookies, search for those in our community willing to donate tastes of Goodness (and chocolate).  Ok leftovers, yea you'll get em.

Show Program Creator:  Are you a wiz at the computer?  Create a program for the nights fundraiser, get all the credit, have it printed (we'll pay for that) and show up with the goods!

The day of and during the show:

Ticket Sales:  Selling tickets at the door, how fun, you get to see everyone who shows up and receive their money!

Party Crasher Karma Preventer:  They are out there, and you'll just help them prevent bad karma.  We need you at the door (inside of course).  Its a good gig, you'lle see everything and be close to the refreshment table!

  Help people find seats, find creative solutions to fill people desires to sit together when we are packed to the gills!  And this is your chance, you get to SSHHHH people when their talking during a performance (nicely of course).

Refreshment Task Force: be the most popular person as you work the refreshment table!

Talent Coordinator:  For this job we need you to check them in upon arrival, remind them of the nights happenings, keep our talent comfy and cozy, let them know when they are performing, and make sure they are on stage when its their time! 

Holy Cow I forgot Assistant:   (Its true!) For this job you get to work with me (Tracy) and help me out when I run into snaggles and twists and turns during the evening.  You will be showered with gratitude as any task that need to be done last minute I will look to you to help me!

Video/Picture Taker:  Digital a must and to be used in local papers, facebook, and website.  You get all the credit...think of the fan base you will create!

Clean up Crew:  yes, no matter what we always have to clean up, but the more people the quicker it goes.  Please, Please Please!!

    I am interested in volunteering for this fabulous fundraiser!

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