Knox County Home
Energy Committee

US Coast Guard winterizing Knox County homes
We help Knox County Residents Keep Warm during the heating season. We engage our community, government and state resources, include our local police departments, and seek help from our young adults in local schools.  We are a volunteer committee, Founded by Representive Ed Mazurek and Commissioner Pinny Beebe-Center, fueled by our coordinator Tracy Rescigno.  We provide resources for short term and long term energy needs.  We are working with existing organizations and networks, social service agencies, and private entities to coordinate all the home energy needs for Knox County Residents. 

We help the people who do not qualify to state or federal aid.  The elderly, single Moms & Dads, families, veterans, the disabled, your neighbor, your family, or your friend .

Check out our programs click on "what we do" 

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